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A Poetry Blog

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    Here we go Lord Here’s the first step A hand-out, a peeking eyeball Into this thing called trust Allow me to test the weather Maybe an ankle, a finger! Which part would I least mind losing To the unknown terrain outside? Nothing. But we all know That to lose nothing Is to gain nothing It’s […]
    It’s time to put my big-girl pants on It’s time to grow up It’s time to stop eating gummy bears at 2am It’s time to work out more than once a week (in my mind, because yes, that counts) It’s time to make a budget, and stick to it It’s time to keep track of […]
    I found my voice somewhere in The bottom of my throat. In between the folds of my lungs Way down low, fighting for breath In a pool of acid – I found it And it wouldn’t stay quiet As soon as I shined a light down the tunnel It clawed its way out and took […]