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This time it was different Not different like all the other times I said it was different – No. This time I refuse to pick myself back up. I refuse to paste on a smile I refuse to cajole the corners of my eyes To crinkle up. I refuse to reach out. No. I amContinue reading “TO REMEMBER”


This is why I stopped praying Because it tears me apart Literally. Separating skin muscle from bone In a clinical procedure That reveals my innermost parts Because you know me too well You made me after all Fearfully, wonderfully, but not perfectly. You knew there would be this Unquenchable thirst that would only be FilledContinue reading “WHY I STOPPED PRAYING”


I needed someone to witness my grief Those tears that fall quietly Only making sound through The searing tracks they make On your soul were starting to, literally Burn me alive. I’ve learned to be strong, Independent, co-dependent on my sisters, My chocolate colored companions who Resonate with my experiences. In the sunlight of reminiscingContinue reading “A BUCKET FULL OF TISSUES”

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

Ernest Hemingway

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