Are you there?

Is this peace I feel from you?

For I have said all the prayers

And I have read ā€“

And still I read

Your stained glass letter.

I have strained my ears

But all I perceive is a buzz

Is it that my ears

Cannot yet grasp the whisper of eternity?

That my eyes cannot see beyond

This man-made god?

Is it simply that my desires

Crash against the rock of your will;

Feeble waves, rising in indignation

Only to break into sputtering spray,

Tired sparkles of whom I once

Assumed myself to be.

Yet even as I question

I cannot bring myself to deny your existence

For my heart consumed itself

Before you engulfed it.

Published by alexiima

Life's a party in a sunflower field. Even when we wilt, we are beautiful to behold.

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