I watched the war

From my window

It was quite the Vantage point –

The window I mean –

Reinforced glass Imported from Venezuela;

Crystal clear.

When things Quietened down

I took a short walk

A few steps out my door

A bullet caught me

In the neck

Later they said

It wasn’t over

It was an ambush

For watchers-of-the-war.


In the beginning was the word

And the word was with God

And the word was God

Then God spoke and man came forth

A strong being with a loose rib

A human fortress with an Achilles’ Heart.

Where God contrived the inclination

To Create;

Or the inclination to believe

In this faltering automaton

Will never cease to puzzle me.

Published by alexiima

Life's a party in a sunflower field. Even when we wilt, we are beautiful to behold.

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