In my mind are many things Some big, some small, some tall, some short Some living, some lifeless Some static, some in motion Some cast long shadows, and others leave Lingering smells Some ooze and smudge their marks of Existence While others glide by without leaving A trace behind No pattern to follow No whisperContinue reading “BLACKBOX”


Let me write you a letter Let me pour my heart out When words fail to come With breath, You will not go without Let me sing you a love song In these empty pages Let my hope become infectious Like laughter with dowages Listen, close, this ink has a message to give Convoluted thoughContinue reading “LOOKING AHEAD”


Lord, I’m having a couple of bad days I feel low, really, really, really low Incapable of action further than youtube Incapable of work that isn’t quickly followed by apology Incapable of creativity past this prayer book I feel full of sorrow, doubt, discontentment And despair My heart is still and heavy within me JoyContinue reading “COLDER HERE BELOW”


Sometimes they’re short and sweet And other times they’re non-existent But I always want them to be there I always want you to be near Our words may be brief May be silent Or even imagined But perhaps in the absence of words, Thoughts can speak truth to power. But what does that even mean?Continue reading “CHANGING LANES”


I had the perfect opening line But gin and tonic had its way with me Now my mind’s a coherent mush But words to say to you are scarce Am I afraid of your presence? Is this a desire to be holy before Entering the holy of holies? Is this failure to surrender? Probably. AsContinue reading “WE NEED TO TALK”


This time it was different Not different like all the other times I said it was different – No. This time I refuse to pick myself back up. I refuse to paste on a smile I refuse to cajole the corners of my eyes To crinkle up. I refuse to reach out. No. I amContinue reading “TO REMEMBER”


This is why I stopped praying Because it tears me apart Literally. Separating skin muscle from bone In a clinical procedure That reveals my innermost parts Because you know me too well You made me after all Fearfully, wonderfully, but not perfectly. You knew there would be this Unquenchable thirst that would only be FilledContinue reading “WHY I STOPPED PRAYING”


I needed someone to witness my grief Those tears that fall quietly Only making sound through The searing tracks they make On your soul were starting to, literally Burn me alive. I’ve learned to be strong, Independent, co-dependent on my sisters, My chocolate colored companions who Resonate with my experiences. In the sunlight of reminiscingContinue reading “A BUCKET FULL OF TISSUES”


These eyes reflect The mirror in my soul A continuum Of possibility Weaving in and out of my – Vision. Piercing flashes of a life almost Lived.


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