A prickly peacock With one eloquent feather Long and majestic Rounded, kaleidoscopic Incongruous with its nature Reflective of its stature.


You bloom like a flower In my fertile heart Your ideas like petals Your words like thorns Your thoughts like blackjack That clings to me. And I, Unwittingly, Plant you wherever I go.


Today When I was in the shower; I thought of pineapple. Not the outside – the inside. Yellow and sweet Like a friendly sun That cuts your tongue As its juice hypnotizes you.


Where did all the years go? Yesterday, just yesterday Maybe a decade ago Just the other day Just yesterday Just It was just yesterday! It shames me that I can’t account For these minutes I can’t even pretend that I know What I have been doing My life is marked with significant hours But askContinue reading “TICKING HOLLOW.”


I constrain in my hands What You can carry for me Forgive me. For I compare Your hands to those of men That let slip this fragile treasure We so readily give. I have likened Your loving eyes To the lust I have come to accept Man has become my god And I, his burntContinue reading “TRUST EXERCISE”


Reaching out is so much harder Than watching from the sidelines I suppose I am so accustomed To rejection And disappointment My ears are more finely tuned To disregard and pain Than to commitment and faithfulness That love has become a bitter word Rather than evoke giddiness It awakens the cynic Rather than roll outContinue reading “THE UNCOMPLICATION.”


I’ve heard so much I can’t listen anymore I’ve been everywhere Except where I want to be I see a vague future And an enviable past I can’t say what was there Or where it came from Or where it was leading to Yet I can tell you without stammering That it is where IContinue reading “THE INVISIBLE MAN.”


I love the night-time The hours are interminable Until dawn cracks the sky And pale light opens your eyes


Sometimes I like to wait for my future Then watch it pass me by There is a lovely pleasure In un-used time A contentment in the empty gaze Which quiets all thoughts Brings to body, soul and mind Into an interesting symbiosis The only problem with Being so present Is that you are altogether absentContinue reading “THE FLOURESCENT GAZE.”


a-Float. Being, but not belonging A litany of words unsaid Escaping ceaselessly from unwilling mouths Speaking for one, not mute; But uncomprehending Accepted and Acknowledged, But not a part of… Pigment bond association But not Ubuntu Language unites and forms unbreakable Ties; as sad, drooping eyes Peer hard into the unknown Present, yes, but notContinue reading “STUDENT VISA.”


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