It’s one of those Those not-empty-but-vague Not-meaningless-but-purposeless Not-nebulous-but-immaterial A blurred line with bold characters A bold line with blurred characters A desire to go – An obligation to stay A desire to stay – An obligation to go A treacle-like-tar-motion Of time and mind An ill-fitting suit In a brick red building A revving aeroplaneContinue reading “POPCORN.”


Faith needs doubt As much as light needs darkness Love loves hate As long as heat melts cold


We fight to come And we fight to go We wrestle with our unchanging curls Like the wind wrestles with supple tree branches Insistent on bringing about a change When the only possible change After a storm of this magnitude Is destruction. Shells upon shells of placated beings Conforming to and fro And commuting froContinue reading “ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS GREY.”


I dream in the color white And waking leaves me speechless Arrested by my own shadow, I Do not recognize myself. I am not cognizant of my scars Nor am I revered by the memory Of my hue. Before I dreamt I reached an agreement with the sun He showed me the golden brown ThatContinue reading “OF TWO MINDS AT ONE.”


Something to do Somewhere to be Where some do go Think some might see Afloat; a desert of a shimmering Mental Oasis Desire, Age; Un-breachable limits Fame, Work, Experience All in that order? Perhaps my mind Has had enough. Captain Zirkander! Here I come.


Where was I looking When I gave my heart away? Where was my resolve When I built you a throne In my innermost parts? What had drawn my wandering eye When I planted a seed That I knew would never be watered? I wish I could make the answers Evade me But the truth isContinue reading “INSTITUTIONALIZED.”


A little girl’s dreams grow Up with her She finds her solace in her dignity Held tight, as close as Her secret thoughts She charms the prince And recoils when he reveals Them all to be the same “At least he had the decency to tell me” The masses dictate; several learned patrons Mark theContinue reading “INSTINCT.”


A fly, not on the wall But in the soup. Masquerading as a bean Or a bright green piece Of spicy pepper.


Sometimes tears flow In the opposite direction. Up instead of down, In, instead of out. A reversible motion Of delectable emotions Swirling and raging, making Eyeballs EXPLODE And lungs burst in their Futile attempt at Containment. There are some times Tears sometimes, Sometimes don’t flow But shatter on the ground Ice from an open freezer


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